Chillva Market Phuket

Night Market in Phuket Town

Chillva Market Phuket is one of the markets that has opened in recent years and is probably one of the best on the island, it's a bit more upmarket and trendy than what you expect from a night market, then even have their own themed branding. What you can find here is of course good food, and regular night marked goods like clothes, jewelry, shoes and various trendy gadgets.

Phuket's topology is exceptional with 70 percent of its area covered with mountains which stretch from north to south and the remaining 30 percent being plains located in the central and eastern parts of the island.

shopping chillva market

Chillva Market is especially popular with teenagers, and is always packed with people. There is no less than 7 night markets to be found in Phuket, and new ones keep popping up once in a while. What is also interesting is the way they use metal containers to create a nice atmosphere, this seems to be a trend in Thailand now days.

The vibe you get at Chillva Market is that it's very much young and fun, what you find here is mainly original and local creations, this is not the market to visit if you are looking for brand knockoffs. Prices are usually good, and you wont get ripped off, you can always try to bargain down the asking price, but remember the retailers here are different from what you may find in the streets of Patong, Kata and Karon, and they definitely don't have the same margins. Most are younger people just trying to make a living parallel to studying.

The big attraction visiting this market is the food, and for this you must visit on a full market day (Wed to Sat). There is plenty of colorful snacks to have here, and there should be something for everyone. More and more western style snack combinations can be found together with more traditional Thai style. Have a bit of a bite of as much you can, recommended is of course the Thai creeps. There is a few restaurants here that serve seafood if you are really hungry, a few bars are also located here for you to chill out in and have a few beers.

Chillva Market is open all days except Sundays, hours are 4pm to 11pm, but to remember that Mon - Tue have less stalls open, and that mean less snacks, so it's recommended to visit Wed - Sat. You should definitely not miss this market while in Phuket. It's also easy to find the location, if you are coming from Patong, once you reach the Tesco Lotus Phuket intersection, you just keep going towards Phuket Town, and it will show up on the right side of the road not far from Tesco Lotus Phuket.

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