Phuket - Thailand - Beaches

There is a multitude of beaches here to satisfy every kind of traveler. Rent a jeep or a motorcycle and explore Phuket's varied beaches. Travelers exult over the wealth of activities Phuket offers but it is the beautiful beaches, balmy air and warm sea that are its principal attractions. So spend the first day enjoying the one that fronts your hotel. By the second or third day, you may ant to know what lies over the next hill. The following is a brief description of Phuket's main beaches and their facilities.

People of Chinese ancestry make up an even larger populace, many of whom having descended from tin miners who migrated to Phuket during the 19th century.

Phuket Thailand

Phuket's beaches share the same powdery sand, blue-green water, casuarina trees, palm trees and strutting mynah birds, yet each is unique and each satisfies a different kind of traveler. You may find it attractive to be a beach gypsy, moving your accommodation from one bay to the next as you wander down the coast. If you arrive on a morning flight, consider renting a jeep at the airport and driving around the island until you find a beach you like. This is not recommended during the high season when it is hard to find a room on any beach. Phuket's beaches line the western shore.