Patong Beach

Phuket Beaches - West

A 4km (2 1/2 mile) long crescent beach 15km (9 miles) west of Phuket town, is the most-modern, fastest-paced and, some would say, the most developed of Phuket's beaches. It holds the wildest array of water sports facilities, nightlife, shops and restaurants. Patong is, in short, for visitors who prefer a busy resort to a quiet, hidden beach. Patong has Phuket's largest hotels. The planning code stipulates that hotels be no taller than the palm trees. If so, Patong's trees must be botanical wonders since there is a hotel complex on the back road that towers 25 stories over the surrounding countryside. If searching for a hotel by perusing a brochure, be aware that hotel names often revel more wishful thinking than truth: 'Bayshore' is separated by 150m (490ft) of concrete buildings from both the 'bay' and the 'shore'. Another hotel advertising '150 metres beach front' could mean that it is 150m from the beach, not exactly in a position to enjoy the gentle surf unless a tidal wave hits. When considering a hotel, check the ads carefully and ask questions. Among the better hotels found here are Amari Coral Beach, Patong Merlin, Holiday Inn, Club Andaman and Phuket Cabana. Patong's beauty is enhanced by rocks extending into the sea. Home to a great number of corals, this area is ideal for scuba diving to see the corals and life under the sea.

Phuket is approximately 536 miles (863km) south of Bangkok, and covers an area of approximately 543 square kilometres (210sqmi) excluding small islets.