Phromthep Cape Phuket

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Promthep Cape Phuket or as it is called Laem Promthep, is one of the most visited viewpoints in Phuket, and a constant stream of traveler's flock to watch the sunset and Phuket's most southern viewpoint. But there is plenty more to see here then just the sunset, walking down to the cape is itself quite an adventure for the younger children.

In the 17th century, the Dutch, the English, and from the 1680s the French, competed with each other for trade with the island of Phuket (the island was named Junkseilon at that time), which was valued as a very rich source of tin.

Phromthep Cape Phuket Viewpoints Phuket Thailand

Over the years, more and more shops has been popping up here, selling all sorts of tourist souvenirs, all from sarongs to seashells.

You will probably find something that you like to bring back with you among these small stands. There is also quite a few food vendors on motorbikes that will show up, selling all from fresh fruit to barbecued squid, it's quite a good chance for a afternoon snack here, maybe try something new.

Phromthep Cape Phuket Viewpoints Phuket Thailand

Once you get past the shops and food vendors, you will find yourself climbing a few stairs to get on the way to the viewpoint itself.

When you reach the end of the stairs, you will first spot is the elephant shrine, this shrine catches the eyes and keep to amaze a lot of the visitors.

Once you get your photos of this shrine, you might catch a glance of the great view now appearing of the sea, or you will wonder what kind of building is that located here, it's an lighthouse, that also serves as a museum, since it's air conditioned it will serve as a great getaway from the climb all the way here.

Phromthep Cape Phuket Viewpoints Phuket Thailand

There is also an restaurant located here (Phromthep Cape Restaurant), for those who want to enjoy an sunset meal with an great view. Most people just come here to view the sunset, and there is buses bringing traveler's here.

Best Visited during the sunset hour.